How to Keep Your Cat From Scratching the Carpet

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The first option to prevent risk damage is to direct the cat’s behavior to a decent target-a risk post designed for that purpose. What to do, however, if your cat refuses to use this scratching post, or occasionally decides to ignore it in favor of his carpet? Here are some possible solutions: add a block of horizontal stripes. Cats have their own individual patterns and preferences of scratch, and that carpeting carpet can be more prone to horizontal risk than to a vertical risk post. There are scratch pads made for this purpose; Some are in a slanted shape and others are flattened.
  • Add several posts and scraping pads, covered with different materials and different textures. It is possible that choosing different risk options will relieve your cat from needing to sharpen its claws on your carpet. Many scraping poles are covered with rugs, but they add one or two with a different material, such as sisal, corrugated cardboard, or even plain wood. Remember that cats like different surface angles to scratch, varying between horizontal and vertical. So ideally, have at least one of each: a high vertical scratching post, a flat scratch mat, and a slanted scraper.
  • Cover the place where the cat scratches. If possible, move a piece of furniture (or a scraper post) over the top of your favorite cat’s carpet place. A risk sisal post can be a good choice here. To scratch, the habits in front of a door entrance, cover the area with a thin blanket.
  • Spray the area with the aroma. Use a comfort zone plug-in or spray on DAP in the area where your cat is scratching. Although not specifically marketed for this purpose, cat behaviorists have found that the “friendly pheromones” in DAP can elude cats in believing that the area has already been “marked,” as soon as it discourages your scratching.
  • Consider your cat’s anxiety level. A cat can resort to more frequent scratches if it is emotionally stressed, such as when it feels threatened by environmental changes or if a new pet (or even a new child) has recently become part of the house. Pay more attention to your cat, or play more with it, can offer tranquility you need to give up your carpet scratching habits

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