Tips for Furniture Sizes and Placement

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Furniture Sizes and Placement

When it comes to living room furniture, size matters.

  • Sofa and Chairs – These are often the big-ticket items, so it’s essential that they suit the space. The most important thing to do is measure the area before buying any of these pieces. You don’t want them to be too big or too small, so it’s best if you draw up a floor plan ahead of time. Sketch out the room on a piece of graph paper using all the appropriate measurements. Try putting the sofa and chairs in a few different spots and see what works best visually and regarding leaving space to accommodate traffic flow.
  • Rug – Using area rugs is a great way to define seating areas, but the number one mistake people make in the living room is using an area rug that’s too small. Remember that all of the furniture should be able to sit on the carpet comfortably. If space doesn’t allow it, make sure that at least the front legs of any large upholstered pieces are on the rug.
  • Coffee Table – Coffee tables are practical pieces that are often found in the center of conversation areas. If you choose to use, one remembers that the height should be slightly lower than the seat height of the sofa and chairs around it. The length of the table should also be roughly one half to two thirds the length of the couch. If you don’t want to use a coffee table you can try using a couple of smaller tables or benches to achieve the same look. Just make sure they’re not too small. People sitting around them should be able to lean over to put down or pick up a drink without having to get up from their seat. At the same time be sure to leave enough leg room between benches and tables: 14 to 18 inches should do the trick.
  • Side Tables – Side tables tend to be an afterthought, but they’re essential. The number you need will depend on how much seating you have. Everyone should be able to comfortably set down a drink without having to get up and walk over to a table. Try to have one on either side of the sofa, and between pairs of chairs. The key is to have enough surface space without overcrowding the room. The tables should be approximately the same height as the arm of the chair or sofa they’re next to.

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