Why You Choose Bosch Dishwashers 101?

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Quality in every detail.

When something is done with the utmost care, it shows. In Bosch, the same attention to detail begins in our factories, where we test, inspect and refine all the latest details of our dishwasher.

Skip pre-rining with Bosch.

You shouldn’t wash dishes before you wash dishes. With the Bosch Precisionwash ™, simply start the dishwasher and leave it. Intelligent sensors continuously scan and control the progress of the dishes throughout the cycle, and the powerful precision spray guns go to the work of aiming each element of each load. So that when your dishes are done, so are you.

Load whatever you want.

The state of the art in dishwasher performance, our Benchmark ® Seriesoffers a series of unique best-in-class features designed to make your kitchen life easier. All from a Verstaile MyWay ™ rack, an ultra-fast performance for a timelight that shows the time remaining in your wash cycle.

Always seen. I’ve never heard of him.

In Bosch, silent operation is as important as sparkling clean dishes. Our ingenious German engineering makes Bosch the quietest dishwasher brand in the United States * for you, it means never having to wait until you go to bed to run the dishwasher. And when you organize a dinner you can start the dishes right after dinner instead of waiting until everyone leaves. Because life doesn’t have to stop just because their dishes need to be cleaned.

* Based on an average sound rating of 24 “STAINLESS steel bathtub full size dishwasher contained in the main types of websites. Main brands defined as Traqline Top 5 market share December 2017.

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